January 14, 2011


Can you believe that I debated over a month whether or not I should get this skirt?  I tried it on and even took a picture of me in the fitting room.  I'm much braver behind the curtains and try on more daring outfits.  I actually combined this skirt with a leather-accented T-shirt.  I thought I looked great, but I wasn't sure how it would be perceived at the office.

Yes, most of my outfits are office-friendly.  :)  

Would you believe Zara is my fave store?  Here's a head-to-toe Zara outfit!  :D

I'm still in the learning to use my new camera and tripod.  You wouldn't believe how many shots I took before I liked one!

Outfit:  All Zara, except for necklace from Banana Republic


  1. Zara needs to hire you as their model ;-) pretty cute!!!

  2. Super chic hun. I love persuing Zara online and dreaming of the things I could add to my closet.. too bad they don't ship to Hawaii (or anywhere in the US).. and we don't even have a ZARA store here!!! booooo. :(

    xx Love & Aloha


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