January 16, 2011


It's not even February and I'm already complaining that it's freezing!  Montreal is windy, cold, and humid during winter.  Makes me want to snuggle in bed instead of getting to work every morning!

Wearing a fake fur vest to stay cozy and fashionable
I really need better lighting!  We can barely see my lovely boots!

My wool skirt is actually burgundy...  but it came out black...  ^_^;
I wonder if I can Photoshop these pix to show off the colors and textures of the clothes...

Heather pink top: Mexx; Fur Vest & Burgundy wook skirt: F21; Lace-up boots: Bakers; Jewelery: F21


  1. i feel your pain on the cold, babe. it's a bitch in minnesota, too. i'm kinda dying for summer.


  2. Love the faux fur vest!!! I'm so fur obsessed :)

    Stop by sometime! Hope you like it!!


  3. I've been wanting to get a fur coat, hopefully soon!


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