January 15, 2011

Coworker Tah

Today I'm featuring my coworker and fashion lover Tah on Note-to-Self. I'd like to say how much I appreciate her efforts to add the finishing touches [accessories] to her outfits.Although her outfits are usually quietly classy and thrown together during her morning sprints to work, Tah regularly forgets the finishing touches.

But lately she has taken a resolution to add sophistication to her look. I think that's a great idea! Here she is wearing practically new and never worn jewelery.  It changes her whole look, I think.

Btw I love her top! I would have got it if I didn't already own another piece in the same color, from the same collection.

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  1. Yeah !!! My outfits and accessories are now famous (good for them, they were beginning to feel lonely in my jewelry box =D) ! Thanks Wynn for all the compliments. ;-)


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