January 08, 2011

Lazy Dressing Up

I wore this the first day I went back to work after the new year break.

This has probably been the best holidays I've had. Ever.

I saw friends, family, BF's family, more friends, and more family. Let's not forget work. It was year-end for us, and that's not usually very pretty. I think I had 2 days that I actually stayed home and "vegged". For me, vegging includes great workout sessions, cooking delicious meals, shopping of course, and sleeping.

Those 2 days I slept until 10:30am! I hadn't done that in a long time! No alarm clock! It was great!

So going back to work was tough. And how to dress lazy but still appear fresh and professional?

Wear a dress! Add a few simple accessories and ta-dah! Instant classy laziness! :P

Loose shift dress: Dynamite; Red heels: Zara; Gold necklace: F21

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  1. I love wearing dress!!! Glad to know that you had a great holidays!!!


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