January 06, 2011

New Year = New Shoes

Fellow fashion lovers, are you ready for some serious eye candy? How did I kick start 2011? With new shoes [bought on sale at Zara]!

I had my eye on these babies since July!

And now they're mine!!

With a reduced price tag!

I killed a few pairs this year and my shoe drawer at the office was looking shabby.
[If I didn't love them so much and wore them non-stop, they wouldn't be used and happy!]

These are my 3rd pair of reds... Can't live without red shoes.

I just couldn't resist!

Not to worry! I still follow [loosely] my rule of one new item in, one old item out. BF isn't complaining that he's finding shoes everywhere and in odd places yet. [Honey, what are all these doing in my tool shed?] It hasn't happened yet!

So happy new year everyone! I hope you'll all have a terrific 2011!

P.S. Guess who was spoiled with a new camera for Xmas? Thanks Babes!! Look how great these pictures turned out!


  1. Nice shoes!!! Wanna exchange links??? Follow me and I'll follow you too :-)!

  2. wooowww, i envy your shoes! i like reds too but till now i don't have even one, soon.


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