January 09, 2011


This is one of my favorite blouses. Thanks to SS, I discovered a very addictive Korean online shopping website. It's full of inexpensive fashion-forward clothes, cute Korean girls, and outfit inspirations.

I'm glad they didn't inspire me to pose like them. Haha!

It's hard to pose without a photographer. Kudos to all you pro fashion bloggers!

I set the timer on my camera and run to pose in front of it. I'm so glad to have a tripod now. [Thanks Vee!] Maybe I should consider getting a remote control like Issa from We Wear Things.

Ruffle top: Zipia; Zipper skirt: Zara; Blue satin open-toe heels: Zara


  1. Your blouse is perfection, I really love the shape and the fabric, it must feel so nice to wear it! good work with your tripod!

  2. you look lovely. Love the top and skirt.xx



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