February 18, 2011

Backlit Morning

I'm actually surprised how much I like these pictures.  At the time I took these, I remember my cursing the backlight from the windows ruining my blog material.  I almost look angelic!  Haha!

How are you liking the tour of my cubicle so far?  It's minuscule.  Come to think of it, my home office isn't that much bigger, but it's so much messier!

I have my cocktail ring prototypes lying around, a stack of bills, tubes of hand cream, notepads, magazines...  I'm tidy in lots of areas in the house, but I can't seem to get my home office under control.  I mean, look how clean my cube is!  I'm Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

That's actually tea I'm having.  I already had my cup of joe when I left the house.  I'm trying to keep the caffeine level to a minimum.  I'm about to have my morning chocolate soon.

That flower behind me is my first plant that survived!

Black satin ruffle top from Mexx, Zara skirt, and jewelry from Banana Republic and H&M.


  1. I love that combo of the skirt and top. Im new to your blog but is your left foot okay?

  2. my office is like a hundred times untidier than yours. indeed you look like an angel in the first pic! X


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