February 27, 2011

Black Lace

At the request of a work colleague [who does not leave comments], I am posting pictures of  this lace top.  I originally had no intention of taking pictures of my outfit that day.  It was a sort of rerun outfit, with a different black top.  I was lazy and I really wanted to wear my tartan skirt.  But since this lace top was so note-worthy, here it is!

I can't wait for there to be sunlight when I arrive home to take pictures!  I have really bad lighting at home and these BW photos are the best that I can do for now!

On a side note, I have been watching tons of makeup application videos on youtube lately.  And it's really fascinating!  I normally don't wear a lot color.  I've been doing the same basic eyeliner look for the past 3-4 years and was beginning to wonder if I'd look nice with liner on my bottom lid or even with smokey eye makeup.  Plus I have this drawer full of unused makeup...  Better put them to good use!

And wow!  Who would have thought there would be a ton of tutorial videos out there!  This one's my favorite:

Can't wait to try it out!


F21 black lace top and Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace


  1. Hey SS,
    I saw her videos too on Youtube. Total transformation Wish I could apply makeup like taht. We should have a makeup session to help each other out! miss you!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh wow I really like all of your jewelry. The bangles in previous post are so pretty. And I did the same thing with all the makeup I had. I kept buying and buying hoping to find the "right" shade that would also be the perfect one when I just gave up and started wearing it. Practice does indeed make perfect. I like your eyeliner!

  3. that lace top is so gorgeous. love the frills :)

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  4. your lace top is sooo pretty! Love this post xxx

  5. I've had the same problem with light in the last months, I could only take pictures before 6pm and I'm only free at that time on weekends... anyway, even these pictures in black and white are enough to show us that marvelous top, I love lace tops, I think they're so romantic and feminine XX

  6. that dress looks great!!xx


  7. I love your top, it's really cute on you.

  8. What a useful video thanks for sharing! It's a little too much for everyday but I'm definitely going to try it out! I love how she mentions the tools she uses and q-tip trick is genius!


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