February 05, 2011

Back in Time: My Trip to San Fran

Hey guys, I'm sorry but I don't have any good material for posting yet.  My injury had me recycling outfits this week.  I have to wake up 30 mins earlier every morning now to be able to get to work on time.  I still need a couple to days more to adjust. Please be patient with me!  :)

And so I looked through my older stuff and dug out this treasure:  Pictures of outfits during my trip to San Fran.  Due to computer problems, I never got around to posting them. 

I heart SF!  And I cannot wait to go back!

Day 1: My hotel room had a mural!
I had so much fun that this was the only time that I remembered posing for the blog!

Pagoda in Japantown

Day 2: It was so hot!  The car rental guy said that it was unusually warm for June.  [Yes, June.  I'm surprised I never uploaded these pix!]

Ooh cupcake store!

Day 3:  Japanese Garden
Sooo windy!  And what luck!  No fog covered the arches!

Day 4 & 5:  Got tipsy in Sonoma and Napa

Ahh, wine country!  ♥
It was a truly memorable trip, and I wish I spent more time in California.  Five days were definitely not enough!  So how do you like my hat and bag?  I scored both during this trip!

Stripped T: Zara; Jeans: American Eagle; Bag: Aldo; Sandals: Payless
Patterned shirt: Zara; Sunglasses: American Eagle; Hat: From SanFran
Red Scarf: H&M; Green tank: AE; Cardi: Zara
Purple linen tank: Danier; Cargo shorts: Costa Blanca; Messenger bag: Coach


  1. I love your top and that mural is so gorgeous!

  2. I can't believe there was a mural in your room! That's so crazy. I love your striped top too!

    xx THE CHEAP


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