February 15, 2011

Heart Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I noticed many girls dressed in red.  Of course, I dressed for the occasion!  Nothing spells romance like pink ruffles.  :)

This was taken while my man was making dinner.  Yep, he cooks!  :)
Dinner was delicious btw!  We had salmon.  Yumm!

Heart-shaped earrings that BF picked out last year.  They're not real, but he found them while I was in full shopping mode at F21.
My rocks

I made this cocktail ring.  Since I cannot workout like I used to with my bum leg, I have so much extra time on my hands.  I took up creating jewelry.  This is my prototype.  Pretty sweet, right?

I hope you lovely V-Day!


Pink Ruffle Top: Gap; Balloon Sleeves Cardi: F21; Office Appropriate Skirt: Banana Republic; Lace Tights: Simons; Shoe: Zara; Cuff: Guess;


  1. That is a cute outfit and a cute ring as well!!! I want that cocktail ring haha!!! Anyway wow you are lucky also because your man cooks for you. Mine, doesn't haha.

  2. Je trouve très jolie ton look et j'aime bien ton style!

    Angela Donava

  3. Aw that's beautiful. So cute!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. too bad about your leg, but you look really great:)))

  5. hehe! Here I got my answer for the earings. I have noticed that you wear this earings in almost all occasions. It should be very special to you, now I know why. ^^


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