February 12, 2011

Purple Bright

Being unable to go out and shop during my lunch break is torturous!  I'm trying to resist ordering new stuff online, but it's really hard!  I already ordered 2 things from asos.com.  Can't wait to receive them!  If only it didn't take them 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic!

So here I am killing time during lunch break.  I apologize for the distorted pictures.  I used my small portable point-and-shoot camera, but I'm starting to think that I should have brought my SLR camera.

I rarely get to take pictures during the daytime!  This is how I look in natural light.  :)

This is my view from the office.

It's not that high!  I'm only at the 11th floor.

Look at all that snow!
It was quite a challenge getting the lighting right.  Most of my smiling photos were too back-lit to be posted. 

Hope you're having a great weekend!  :) 

Jacket: Costa Blanca;  Purple dress: asos; Leggings: H&M;  Necklace: Banana Republic;  Shoe: Geox.


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