February 10, 2011

Ready? Strike The Pose!

Yay! I had help with these pictures!

Ever since the injury, BF has been the best BF in the world!  Bisoux!  Not only does he chauffeur me to and fro work, he was also helping me out with the lighting here in these pictures.

Our apartment is poorly lit.  The brightest lights also cast the most unflattering shades of yellow.  Here, I'm bathed in kitchen lights.  There is no other light source in my vicinity.  I'm planning a trip to Ikea as soon as I'm well enough to brave the crowds.  I need a lamp.  Got any good suggestions?

I'm used to taking pictures alone.  It was hard to not laugh!  :)

And now the model scowl.  Hahaha!

Navy ruffle top: Gap; Tulip skirt & handbag: Zara; Jacket: F21; Lace stockings: Simons; Shoe: Geox; Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. Cute outfit!


  2. I like that little jacket! One thing you could try is on Picasa (the free photo editing from Google) you can choose a neutral color and click on something white and it removes any cast of another color, worth a shot but I don't think these look too bad!


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