February 08, 2011

Say Hello

To my leg brace!  This baby will help me heal in 8 weeks.  As ungraceful as it is to move in it, some people have actually thought it looked kinda cool.  I'm giving off this image of a jetset who had some bad luck on the slopes.  Now if only I really did ski...  [I can't believe I make this leg brace look good...    -_-;  ]

Here's a casual outfit that I promised.  Those jeans are so comfy, I could live in them!  You'd laugh, but aside from the sneaker, not one item cost more than $15.  I love a good bargain!

My mom told me a story about how I was born a bargain queen.  When I was little, anywhere we went shopping, she'd find a fantastically good deal for me.  Even if she was shopping for my brother, she'd always find me something.

I look a bit smug here, but that's because I wobbled back from the camera just in time to plop into the chair and pose.  Haha!

Cardi: Zipia; Sparkly Top: Urban Behavior; Skinnies: Zara; Sneaker: Converse; Necklace: F21; Black studded leather cuff: Zipia; Bangle: Gift from Vietnam


  1. Hun, I hope you feel better soon!!! You still look very fashionable though even with a leg brace hehe!!!


  2. Aw sweetie. I hope you feel better. But if it's any consolation I think you look super fabulous. And I know what you're talking about with the bargain queen gene. I think Asians were born with it lol.

    xx THE CHEAP


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