February 16, 2011

Winter Floral

Brrrr!  The weather's gone totally bonkers!  It was nice and warm for Heart Day, then subzero temperatures less than 24 hours later!  And tomorrow's gonna be warm again.  What gives?!

While some people complained that it was cold even inside the office, my [fake] fur kept me nice and toasty.  The clock said 8AM when I stepped out of the elevator and onto my empty floor...  I missed my bed already!  Buuut I got the privacy I needed to take these pictures of my pretty silk floral and fur outfit.  I love the contrast of the 2 textures.

It's cold just standing near the window!

I wish I could fly... to somewhere tropical!

Since I now take the car to work and need to beat traffic in the morning, I now get up before sunrise [around 6AM]  to get get ready for work.  I can't wait for this brace to come off and I can take public transit again!  At least I'll get to sleep in 45 more minutes.

Fur: F21; Floral Silk Top: Banana Republic; Skinnies: Zara; Necklace: Don't remember

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