March 26, 2011

Belt It Out!

Hoorah for the weekend!  I haven't much planned, so maybe I'll just laze around the house...

*Eyes the various broken things laying on the desk*   Or I'll start repairing all the broken bracelets, sunglasses and holes in shirts...  And missing buttons.  Jeez, it has really piled up!

And maybe if I have time, I can play dress-up in my closet!

So let's discuss my outfit here.  I originally went to my closet with a whole different outfit in mind, then I found this old belt on the bottom of a drawer.  It came with this glitter top that I scored for $5 eons ago!  It was such a steal!  The belt was long and I wore it only once or twice.  Then I saw the belting tutorial from lizzypunch.  And I have a whole new way on how to reincorporate it into my wardrobe!  Do check it out! [Thanks Liz!]

And here's the result.  A bit chunky and not as fancy as the demo, but it passed the [conservative] BF test!  Haha!

Aqua linen tank from Club Monaco, vintage cardigan, H&M skinny pants, and Urban Behavior belt.


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