March 20, 2011

Lady in Red

I hope everyone's having a good weekend.  I am contemplating whether or not to make cookies today.  I'm already planning on making more banana cake.   I asked BF, and of course he wanted both.  I guess I'll be making maple cranberry cookies today.

I'm very happy that spring is almost here and my cast is being cast aside.  These will be one of the last batches of photos of me wearing it.  :D

I'm so behind in my posts!

BF bought me this fish necklace.  I think he likes shopping for jewelry at F21 as much as I do!

Red ruffles blouse, goldfish necklace, and red bangle from F21, skirt from Mexx, lace tights from Simons, Cole Haan satchel, and my ever favorite Seychelles shoe.


  1. Hello beautiful! I envy you so much for that necklace. We don't have forever 21 here in spain (they ship to spain, but I wish I could go to the real store), and i love that brand. boyfriends always want everything! xx

  2. amazing pictures!lovely outfit!

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