March 21, 2011

Look! No Leg Brace!

This, I hope, will be last picture of me wearing this brace.  :)

I cannot believe how much time and energy have been spent to help this little bone heal!  I've been practicing walking normally again.  It's so weird!

 As I mentioned, I'm starting to feel like I'm in a fashion rut.  My choices from my wardrobe were limited with the brace hindering wide-leg, boot-leg and dress pants.  Plus, it's spring!  I can wear lighter things and have more choices.  [Is it almost time for the closet season switcheroo yet?]

Here, I'm wearing my safari shirt with big orange earrings and double gold cuffs.  I'm wanting an arm cuff, but two regular cuffs together can do the job.

Now you see it...

Now you don't!
Khaki safari shirt from Zara, American Eagle straight jeans, belt and necklace from Banana Republic, leather cuff from Zipia, metallic cuff, and earrings from F21, and flats from Vans.


  1. wow! that bright orange (or red, I cant see it clearly) goes so well with your safari shirt, and adding golden accesories was just genious!
    You'll see that you have many more options now!


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