March 07, 2011

Online Shopping Loot

Urrrggg!  The doctor says that the fracture is not healing quite as fast as she first anticipated, and I might have to wear this cast for a month longer.  :(  I don't really want to complain but this thing is getting really heavy!

So no live shopping for me for another while.  Good thing they invented the internet and credit cards!  I got a whole bunch of stuff as consolation.  Nothing can stop a shopaholic!  Haha!

It's still quite cold in Montreal.  And the treacherous weather likes to play with our heads by giving us sun and clear skies and utterly freezing temperatures!  Ironically enough, it's warmest when it's snowing.  [Sometimes.]

It was cold enough to flash freeze spilled coffee on you mitts!

My new acquisition: the clutch and the fur-trimmed cardi.

I saw this drapey cardi on sale at and I couldn't resist!  And the clutch!  When I saw it, I had to have it.  It's in this year's popular camel color, looks very much like a Céline ultra-modern designer bag, and was totally in my price-range! 

The spring collections are out in stores.  Have you been shopping?  :)

Fur-trimmed cardi: asos, and camel leather clutch: American Apparel


  1. Love your camel clutch!! Perfect size! :D
    Thank you for your sweet comment telling me abot Asos! I had a look at it right away, and unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking for, but you know what, I found another pair of amazing shoes I fell in love with right away!!! :)
    I'm gonna get them hopefully next week! Sooo excited!! Now I LOVE ASOS!! hehe

    Haru x

  2. Love the cardigan.

  3. You look absolutely amazing!

  4. wowow your clutch is Amazing!!!

    the whole Outfit is perfect!

    nice Blog

    kisses & love from Germany

  5. Don't worry no one is looking at your cast, we're all fixated on your clutch!

  6. love your clutch so much! its gorgeous!!

    xx, Sabinna and David


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