March 09, 2011

Put a Smile On It!

Have you ever had a meal that was so good that you gobbled it up and then thought you should taken a picture of it to remember the blissful taste again and again?  I has happened to me tons of times.  Especially for desserts!

Last weekend, my sweet BF allowed me to rest my foot and cooked dinner for us.  It looked so yummy! Fortunately, just a micro second before I wolfed it down, I remembered to take a picture of it.

That wine was so delicious!
And here's a treat for you!  A  casual outfit!  Working in an office can really constraint your wardrobe choices.  Lucky for me, our company has casual Fridays!  I wore my smiling t-shirt.  And of course, Fridays are things to be smiling about!

It's Wednesday today and it's the perfect day to be blogging about Friday!

I actually had a volunteer photographer for these pictures!  That's why these are not taken from mu usual angle.

My plant is still alive!  It's been 3 months now!
The photographer agreed that this was the best angle for photos in my tiny cubicle.
H&M limited edition t-shirt designed by Dita von Teese, AE straight jeans, vintage cardi, Zipia black leather cuff, Guess? bracelet, F21 necklace, and Seychelles gold shoe.


  1. yummy food, I wish my Hubby could cook too but sad to say he can't lol.

  2. The food looks amazing! :) I love your cuff too!


  3. Ooo looks amazing. I could use a glass of wine right about now. Also I love the shirt.

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. Wow that meal you cooked looks amazing. It's making me hungry!


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