March 30, 2011

Winter/Spring Blues

It's funny but following fellow fashion bloggers from all around the world has made me a tad envious.  Those California girls got it good.  They've been wearing shorts and going around without tights since the beginning of the month!  And I've just wrecked another pair...  I hope spring is coming soon!  I can't wait to see the green leaves in the trees. 
Believe it or not, I wore something fur-trimmed this week and I was freeeezing!  Even with my wool coat + long boots + scarf + leather gloves, when I was outside.  [I'd better keep warm and not catch a cold!]
This is what I wore underneath all those layers.

And yes, I'm wearing heels!!! I'm not confined to flats anymore!  I'm so glad to be all better!
Look no hands!  Haha!

I should have taken close-up pix of the shoes... Sorry!

Fur-trimmed cardigan from Oasis,  Club Monaco white tank, Zara navy skirt and mauve suede open-toe shoes.


  1. U have very nice style:)

  2. Hey, thank you for your sweet comment! It made me really happy! I hope I will see you on my blog again soon!!!
    Where are you from? I am curious ;)


  3. beautiful outfit! i love so much the cardigan!!

  4. You have such a cool back drop to your photos. Taken at work, I assume? :)

    I feel I should apologize: I'm one of those California girls :/ However, I find that people who live in places with real seasons tend to be much more stylish, if that helps :)

    I love the outfit! I like how you make style a priority even at the office :)

  5. Glad to know that you are feeling better now. Wohooooo I'm sure you missed wearing your high heeled shoes.


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