April 19, 2011

3-2-1 Accessorize!

Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning I feel that my outfit is just so plain.  Then I quickly snap out of it by reminding myself that, with the right accessories, a plain outfit becomes a good outfit.

I feel like Cinderella being accessorized by her fairy godmother when I look at these pictures.  Heehee!  Without the glass slipper, of course!  Ever wonder how she managed to dance with Prince Charming in those?

Aah!  So much better!

I'm running out of inspiration with the pieces in my winter wardrobe.  I can't wait for warmer weather!  I'm so sick of gray!

I'll be going to Toronto to visit some friends during Easter break, but I'll try to make some scheduled posts in the meantime.  I've been so busy lately!


Zara skirt and satin open-toe heels, really old sweater from Jacob, F21 jewelry [mostly].


  1. I agree, everything can look really good with great accessories! I love this skirt and how you paired it with a looser sweater. I think the silhouette still shoes but it's more relaxed.

  2. I think you styled this perfectly! A simple but beautiful necklace to go with the bold stripes.

    BTW I love the little stars! Hehe. And yes, I always did wonder if Cinderella's shoes were glass, how the heck would she walk in them?

  3. LOVE that skirt! Love your blog, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  4. you look soo pretty! love your shoes!

  5. lovely skirt!! you look beautiful :)


  6. great outfit and your home looks really nice too!!


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