April 15, 2011

Bubbly Pink

The following pictures [and content] are silly.  You have been warned.

I am in a rather good mood lately, being an award winner and all.  Haha!  Just kidding!  Of course, it does affect my mood in a good way.  Maybe it's spring, maybe I'm in love with all the bright colors that are in so many new collections in stores, and maybe I've been through some excellent retail therapy and have loaded up on bright accessories.   I've shown you my new $1.50 blue shades, well here is fuchsia twin.  How could I pass up such a bargain?

I've been loving the entire new Zara collection.  All those bright yummy colors make me feel like a kid in candy store whenever I'm there.  Unfortunately my large calves have wasted many lunch breaks, turning the fitting room into a torture chamber.  None of the skinny pants at Zara fitted my legs.  So I resorted to following the bright trend with bright accessories. 

See how happy I am with the bubblegum clutch?

I was eating watermelon and thought how the colors
were deliciously inspirational.

Yes, positively giddy!
So what else is new?  My computer!!  Some of you would be pleased to know that I splurged and got an iMac.  [That's going to put a dent in my shopping budget...  Good thing buying accessories isn't too steep for the wallet.]  I finally got it set up on the network last night.  I can now work/blog/edit photos and listen to music at the same time!  Hurrah for multitasks!

Sorry for the long post, but I just had so much to say!  I leave you with this random picture of my desk.


Fuchsia sunnies and white T from F21, Mango indigo jacket, Uniqlo light gray skinny jeans, Zipia black long cardi, Banana Republic scarf, Me Too NY booties, Zara neon pink wallet clutch. 


  1. great sunglasses you look stunning x

  2. I love your shades! A great bargain!
    I'll be following your blog. Wonder if you would like to visit mine and follow too?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. These were wonderful! Silly is most definitely a good thing.

    Also, I think you have the same computer as my mother -- how awesome is that thing? The screen is MASSIVE! What is it, 27 inches? Good grief!


  4. Love that pink purse! So cute!

    Monique xx


  5. Same here, i'm also loving the zara collection spring and summer :) full of different colors! :)


  6. great pictures!im also loving the new zara collection spring and summer! btw love the clutch<3

  7. Beautiful pics and even more beautiful blog! Love those pink sunglasses :)

    Hugs from your fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink


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