April 09, 2011

Still Preppy

I must confess that I'm not loving this outfit.  I wanted to wear yellow, but chose my skirt badly.  Urgh!  I didn't want to change, so I went to work like this anyway.  I got to get better lighting in the closet.  This is me taking one last gulp of coffee before making my way out the door a couple of days ago.

My saving grace is that I adore my brown suede heels!  The stitching detail is beautiful!  Does this ever happen to you?  Regretting your choice of outfit for the day?

Hope you're having a great Saturday!  I'm going out for Korean BBQ!  Yums!



Yellow t-shirt from Club Monaco, Zara plaid skirt and brown suede heels, and Costa Blanca jacket.


  1. Yes! It happens all the time. Especially since I now take pictures of my outfits for the remix challenge. I'm more aware of how everything goes (or doesn't go) together.

    I think you read my mind. I've been craving Korean BBQ! Yummy!

    PS: The stitching is beauuutiful!

  2. I love how you wrapped the belt. I never thought of brown and yellow. It's a great Spring outfit.

    Hope you're doing well girl!

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. lovely blog! great stumble :)



  4. Cute outfit, I love your skirt and your shoes are amazing



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