April 30, 2011

I ♥ Toronto [Part 1]

It's been less than a week since I came back from vacation and, as I flip through the pictures on my computer, I dream about my next trip there. Next time, I'll eat more delicious food, buy more cheapie shoes and clothes, spend more time with my old buddies, and do more sightseeing. Overall, the trip was too short. And that's a good thing; it'll make planning my next trip there all the better.

I love Toronto!

Day 1: We arrive in Toronto around 4PM and headed off to their famous Chinese Mall, Pacific Mall. It's a must see when you're in the area. It's full of little stores that sell everything from snacks to shoes to electronics and to pirated DVDs. I scored 2 pairs of boots for $15 each and one pirated Korean movie. I know.  Bad, bad!  Other than that, I didn't buy much.  My goal during the trip was to find cheapies under $25.  I'm 100% willpower and 100% successful!

Cute baubles.  I didn't buy these but they were so tempting.
I also resisted acquiring this bag.
Waiting for my friends to join me.

The five of us went for hotpot at Rolling Pot.  I wondered why they chose this name.  It's probably because it's all-you-can-eat and you roll out of the restaurant!  Haha!

I was so busy chatting with my friends that I completely forgot to take pictures of my outfit.  This is the best one I got for Day 1.  I promise to be a better blogger! 

And here's the cheesiest pic of the day.  We were at a Chinese dessert place and after multiple failed shots,  we took this final one with a flash.  I just wanted to eat my mango grass jelly!
Toronto is the closest thing to HongKong as I can get without flying across an ocean.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip!


Wearing head-to-toe Zara [I think].


  1. Oh how fun! Shopping and eating? Sounds like my kind of vacation!

    What Korean movie did you get?

  2. SO fun! Looks like a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just became your newest follower :)
    xoxo Lauren

  3. So cute. Looks like so much fun! And btw, HK is one of my favorite places! hehe.

    NYC was great! Thanks for asking. I was exhausted though. Can't wait to see part II girl!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. love these photos!

    your newest follower here :)

  5. these pics are amazing! love your blog.The food looks good.

    Have you seen my blog ?


  6. OMG u were in toronto, where you from???
    I luv luv P-mall, me and the hubby go there all the time, the chinese food uptown is better than downtown and mississauga~~~im glad you had fun while you were, i hope you love our city as much as we do!~~~~

  7. Hi beautiful!!! Dont worry about not taking pictures of your outfit, I get the idea, and all these photos are fab!!I love photo diaries of trips. Whenever I visit Toronto, I will remember to look for those bargains!!! waiting for part 2!

  8. i love those desserts! I'm in china so they're like everywhere :) I think ill go get some tomorrow :) I like how you take photos without your shoes first. I think its great!


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