April 27, 2011

Lil' Cheap-o Red Skirt

I'm back from my short vacation to Toronto.  I haven't had time to sort through my pictures yet...  I went a bit trigger happy and took around 250 photos.  So here's a little something for your viewing pleasure while you wait.

I don't care about what some people say is good or bad etiquette; I like to brag about my bargain finds!  I have poor manners, so sue me!  :P

I got this little red skirt for $6!  This has been a very good month for great bargains!

I look kinda short... and accessory-less.

Ahh, the power of 4-inch heels and shiny accessories!

I really dig the red earrings!  <3

I was playing around with the exposure/vibrancy/saturation modes...  I kinda like this.
We can't see it, but I'm wearing a leopard print belt.

I can't wait to post the vacation pix!  See you soon!


Khaki blazer from Urban Behaviour, embellished top from Mexx, cheap-o red skirt from F21, Zara suede heels, HM belt, all jewelry from F21.


  1. I like your red skirt. I love to play camera effects on my IPhone too. Too lazy to use my digital camera to load pictures and to set up the tripod stand.


  2. I love talking about my bargain finds too! And I don't care if it's bad etiquette either. :O)

    $6 is such a great find and the red skirt fits you perfectly. Can't wait to see your vacation pics!

  3. I love all your looks. And you have beautiful legs. I hope you' ll have time to visit my blog, if you like it we can follow eachother.


  4. That outfit is gorgeous :). I love bargain finds.



  5. great outfit love how important accessories and shoes are to an outfit love the skirt!


  6. You look great I love how you did shots of before your shoes and after,And what? I love bargains 6 $ skirts bring them on any day and please share where you got them, always.

  7. Hello back beautiful! how was your trip to toronto??? I hope you show us every single picture, from the 250 ones you took. I always talk about the bargains I find, that red skirt is a perfect basic, you're gonna wear it a lot and you can make thousand of combinations, so, why shouldnt you show off the fact it was only 6$??? xx


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