April 14, 2011

Style Award

Wow! I've been given the Stylish Blogger Award by Jane at Love Makes the Girl

Time to look cheezy!

More on this outfit to come!

Thanks so much!!  This made my day!

It's my turn and I'm forwarding the award to these wonderful ladies, who always blow me away with their style.

    The rules are to share 7 facts about myself.

    1) My blog is actually really old.  I used to just write about my shopping antics before I switched to styling outfits [of course, a new camera really helped].

    2)  I cut my own hair with the help from BF.

    3)  I'm a dummy when it comes to beauty products, makeup, hair styling...  So why do I trust myself with a pair of scissors?

    4)  I'm a real shopaholic.  I go to the stores every day during lunch break.  I don't buy most of the time, but I need to see stuff to be inspired.

    5)  I love the bake, but don't eat a lot of desserts.  My BF and family are very lucky!  ;)

    6)  I'm a real geek.  As in, I read manga, watch anime, built my computer from parts that I selected.

    7)  And lastly, I love reading the lovely comments you leave on Note-to-Self.  They really make me smile!  Thank you!!  




      1. Thank you Wynn! This is my first award. I'll treasure it forever! :O)

      2. wohoooo, congrats!!! You are really one cool chic!!! Anyway you cut your own hair? haha that is awesome. I couldn't do that.

      3. I HEART you SS! Congrats on the award! :)

      4. Congrats!



      Yay! Thanks for leaving a comment! You just made my day! xox