May 13, 2011

Full Length Skirt: Epic Fail

Ever wear something that looks great in person, but it shows up kinda "meh" on photo?  This is a very good example.   Haha!  Let me explain.

I was never sold on the idea of a full length skirt.  Wouldn't that just make me look shorter than I already am?  Well that proved to be true, unfortunately.  But being a part-time fashion adventurer, I decided to take a risk and tried on this skirt at my local H&M.  It looked pretty good!  And at a cheap-o price of $10, why not?

On the day, we were to visit my BF's parents, who live 2 hours from Montreal, I thought I'd wear my new cheap skirt.  BF thought I looked pretty, and his dad also told me I looked chic.  [Thanks guys!]

We took tons of pictures, but posing in this dratted thing is Dif.Fi.Cult.  Here are the best ones.

Some pieces of clothing are easier to wear than others, but full length skirts and dressed have me scratching my head.  I'll pull it off, I'm sure with my future tries.  And If I don't, this thing is getting it's hem hacked off!  And I'll be baring my legs again.

Stuff like this ever happen to you?


H&M full length skirt [$10 cheapie buy!], Zara striped t-shirt, Gap navy blue cardi, belt from a Zara skirt, Danier leather jacket, F21 pendant and neon pink sunnies [$1.50 cheapie], Coach messenger bag.


  1. I feel the same way about the full length skirt... I posted a full-length skirt outfit today and I am just not sure if I can pull it off. And posing didn't go so well either. Perhaps it's just not something for me... xxx ps. It looks good on you though! :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean but you look great in this. And I love the picture you too in the mirror in the post before this. love the light coming through.

  3. loove your maxi!!xxx

  4. Great outfit; love it.

    Thanks for your visit and comment. You sad you' re a new follower but I couldn' t see you in my followers. I' m following anyway.

  5. your sunglasses are fantastic!


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