May 19, 2011

An Evening at the Museum

I saw the Chinese Terracotta Army exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art of Montreal yesterday.   It was in two words:  "F-ing awesome!!"  The statues were so lifelike, I swear I thought they would just start walking around the room.  The grandeur of the army is completely mind boggling!  I'd love to see the whole thing in China someday.

I'd also love to see Paris someday.  And London, and Rome, and LA...  LOL

I took the following pictures in the morning, right before I dashed out the door.

As proof that this was taken at 7:30am, here I am eating toast before lipstick and accessories.  It makes me think of those "find the differences" games.  Haha!  So how many pieces have I added in the righthand side picture?

Smile!  I'm using my mini-camera (pendant).  Last seen here.

BTW, I bought a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  I can't wait to show them to you.  They're not the blogger favorite Lita's, but they're office-friendly.  ;)


Total Zara look, except for F21 and HM jewelries.


  1. great outfit! i love the stripes and the bright yellow clutch. goes really well together xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the blue stripes paired against the brown blazer. Very cute!

    Stop by again soon and be sure to enter my giveaway! xoxo!

  3. Gorgeous outfit.
    I now follow you, hope you will follow back !

  4. Your blazer is very pretty!

    Monique xx

  5. this zara blazer looks so nice on you

    love your blog

    your newest follower


    xx THE CHEAP

  7. super cute outfit, loving the blazer! want a brown one just like itt, feel like theyre so versatile. can wear them with anyything. and nice bag!

  8. I'm a huge fan on stripes so I find this awesome! And the bag is a perfect pop. Gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. You look Tres chic! loving that yellow bag, great choice and brown and blue ,awesome!! I am thinking about doing a blue striped, Tie dye, shirt. I had a weird dream about it last night! What me dream about projects? ~ NO.
    have a super day and, thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging, comments on my blog. It means so much!!Hugs Anne

  10. Hi beautiful! sorry for the delay in answering comments, my problems with blogger went too far... however, here I am! you're genious combining blue and yellow in such a elegant way, what surprises me the most from you is how you make anything look elegant and chic! I really want to see your new JC shoes, I own two pairs and they're sooo comfy, you're gonna love them!


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