May 02, 2011

I ♥ TO [Part 2]

I never used to travel in style with my BF.  Since we met, most of our trips were to mountains and various wilderness parks.  They were truly awesome.  I cannot describe the feeling of being connected to nature.  In any case, I never had to wear makeup while hiking up a mountain like Cascade Mountain of the Adirondacks, as seen here.  BF has brought out my outdoorsy side.

But I'm a city girl at heart.  So here's the rest of my Toronto trip.

Day 2:

Click here for more photos:

Beautiful buildings.  We have old European-style buildings in Montreal, but nothing like this.
Doing a little boogie in front of the Friendship House

Got these little boots for $15 at Pacific Mall!  Loooove them!

Lots of interesting stores

And lots of note-worthy window displays!

Caught trying on shoes thinking I had time while BF was off browsing on his own

I bought these using a gift card I had.

Should have got this too
Day 3:  Since it was Easter, no stores were open, so we had brunch at my friend Christina's place.  I finally met her fiance.  Very cool dude.  These pictures were taking between brunch and dinner.  I had a little time to kill, so I went for a stroll by the harbour.  

I had no idea a swan was such a large bird!  The geese [what I thought were huge already] were giving them wide berth!

It was pretty cold, that's why I'm dressed kinda dorky.  Here, I'm trying to do levitation pix.   As I told Yeri from What Makes Me Happy! only 2 came out ok, after looking like a crazy tourist for 10 minutes.  Do check out her floating pix, which are a million times cuter than mine.  She and I had the same idea at the same time.  I'm just waayyy behind in posting them!

Yes, yes, I promised to be a better blogger.

These crack me up!!!  HAHAHAH!!

Hamburger cake
What a great trip!!  Thanks for sticking until the end of the post.  I did say I took ~250 photos...  And here are my favorites.

Lots of hugs!


Day 2 Outfit: Green top and gray cargo pants from AE, leather jacket from Danier, Longchamp bag, Zara sunnies, and bargain Pacific Mall boots.

Day 3 Outfit: Yellow silk top [not shown] and dark gray skinnies from Zara, HM red scarf, Converse sneakers, and Danier leather jacket.


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  4. lovely pics!!! i love your jacket :)

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  9. Lovely photos. I live near TO and have seen the same magic you did. You make me want to go there now. Haha. Lovely blog you got here, I like it. XX


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