May 30, 2011


I'm back from Vegas!  I had so much fun,  you won't believe it!  And of course I shopped and brought back a couple of "souvenirs".  ^_~

I'll be showing my vacation pix soon, but I'm so backlogged in my outfit photos!  This set was taken a week or 2 before I left!  I think I'll have to post in an [gasp!] unchronological fashion!  And more often! 

I loooove this kimono top.  I originally wanted to splurge on the one at Zara, but found this much cheaper version at H&M for a quarter of the price!  Plus, it's not made of silk.  I don't have to worry about getting the cleaning instructions absolutely correct lest I ruin the delicate material!

My coworker Tah shops by Washing instructions.  If it's hand wash or dry clean only, she'll put an X on it, no matter how cute it looks.  She claims it's only because she's lazy, but I think it's quite clever.

Coming soon: Vegas pix!


Kimono top from H&M, F21 white t-shirt and fish necklace, AE cargo skinnies, Zara neon pink clutch and suede heels, Simons enamel cuff


  1. i like the kimono top too, it matches so well with your jeans/jeggings and pumps~~~


  2. Love the kimono top! the design & color is so chic! :)


  3. Hope you had fun in Vegas! Can't wait to see the pics!

    And I completely agree about dry cleaning. It starts getting expensive!

  4. pretty shirt and i love your trousers with shoes! x

  5. nice top, the prints are very unique.

    following you now :)

  6. Great outfit, girl! I'm sure you had so much fun in Vegas! :)


  7. Amazing kimono! Love your bag anmd bracelet as well!

  8. I love the hot pink bag...Can't wait to see your pics of Vegas!! Vegas always brings back so many good memories :)

  9. Superb pants and clutch! Great blog! Follow you now, follow me?

  10. yes yes yess I'm so happy you got the pants! deff do a post on them soon, wanna see how you work 'emm :)
    loving the pop of the color from the bag, and those pants are fucking great.
    btw, AMAZING outfit below, totally something i'd wear if my legs were as nice haha



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