May 10, 2011

Look At Yourself in the Mirror

I wondered why people let jealousy make them so mean.  And why some people are prone to not-so-nice behaviour.  If we all just liked each other more or just be more tolerant towards one another, this world would be a much nicer place.  They need to meditate to the wise words of Louis Armstrong and think how wonderful this world already is.  :)

This song always makes me smile.  Just like these random shots also make me smile.  I was getting ready for work and I just loved how my studded cuff matched my studded hard-earned Jimmy Choo for H&M bag.

So guys, be nice and kind-hearted.  Why make someone else's life a living hell by being passive-aggressive when you can try to get to know each other better?  The key word is try.  You might just discover some good qualities in the other person.

I'm gonna go to sleep now.  Always hoping that my kindness will one day rub off on others.


T-Shirt Dita von Teese for H&M, Tristan jersey blazer, Jimmy Choo for H&M studded bag, H&M heart ring, and Revlon nail polish in Jaded.


  1. I love your jacket, tee, ring and bag!
    Great pics!


  2. Jealousy is so bad! Green (with envy) is never anyones color. Hope all is well!

    And I love that blazer! Looks comfy and structured at the same time.

  3. Love this post! And I love your blog! I'm proud to be your newest follower! Hope you'll check out my blog and consider following me too :)
    xoxo Lauren

  4. Hey great post! I like you look!
    i just came across your blog.

    Come visit my blog and read about a recent fashion competition! You could be the winner because I really love your outfit posts!

    maybe we can follow eachother

  5. pretty ring :) your shirt too.

    more love to go around.

  6. haha no trust me, GET THEM. I have quite big calfs too, compared to my height and all, but the pants make me look so much slimmer than I am I swear. amazing buy, hehe.
    love that song. and the polishh :)

  7. heyy gurl i remember you commented, but then the network broke! just letting you know though, the red pants are deff worth getting. best buy of the year for me so far, and don't worry.. my calves are huge and the pants make me look so slim :)


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