May 25, 2011

My Closet Faves

I always wondered what fellow fashion bloggers wore on days off and in real life.  I really wear all my posted outfits.  Most of my pictures are taken in the morning, when my hair hasn't flattened yet and my makeup is still fresh.   Some of you might find it boring, but my wardrobe is 85% office-friendly.  

I only recently became an owner of a pair of DIY ripped shorts.  It needs a nice tumble in the wash to set in that funky look.

So what do I wear on days that I don't post?  I recycle my fave looks.  Last seen here.  [My camera skills have improved!  Yay!!]

Do you look just like your pictures on your blog when you're not posting?  Or do you have 2 styles?  Share!


Tan blouse from Zipia, Zara zipper skirt, Fergie heels, and bracelets from Banana Republic, H&M, and F21.


  1. I am in love with your skirt. I've also wondered if other bloggers actually wear what they're posting or if it's just for the blog. I actually wear what I post. I think you have great style. I'm following...would love if you would follow back :)


  2. Classy indeed! Love your zippered skirt!!

  3. I usually do both. Sometimes my outfit is "too fancy" for a normal day but I will make sure to keep it in the rotation for the next outing. It's good practice! :O)

  4. you look so elegant , very pretty outfit ! x


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