May 16, 2011

Magnolia Smile

One day when I have a house, I want a magnolia in the yard.  Nothing says spring like a beautiful magnolia in bloom.  Similarly, nothing says summer like a meaty BBQ!  I can't wait for those!  BF getting pretty impressive.

I also cannot wait to wear sandals!  I've been shopping for wedges for a week now.  I have my eyes set on a chunky pair of Jeffrey Campbells.  The price tag's a bit steep, but they're so cute and comfy!  And it comes with the benefits of enhancing my height!  LOL

I'll let you know if I finally give in.

Yeah!!  Doesn't my t-shirt just make you want to smile?

I just had Dim Sum with my parents and I was in a silly happy mood.  :D

I was jumping with joy!  Haha!
I hope I made you smile.


Photo credits: F. H. 

Smiley face t-shirt from a NYC H&M, Simons blazer, AE jeans, Killah heels, Coach messenger bag, Zara sunnies, and various F21 bijoux. 


  1. gorgeous photos. & yes you did make it smile. such a lighthearted post. xx

  2. Great pictures. I loved your tshirt and shoes.

  3. Definitely! You made me smile! Love your 'smiling' tee! And the blooming flowers in the background is simply lovely.


  4. aw i miss dim sum! so yummyyy hehe. unfortunately probably only going to be there for a weekend, but hey, can't complain. after all, its paris ;)

  5. aww pretty pictures ! ^^ you've really got some long leggs =o so jealous ! xo

  6. LOVE the Tee shirt.. Yes i am smiling!!

  7. Hi beauty, your blog is really cool! Amazing posts! This outfit looks very chic. I just love it and I'm following! I hope you visit me and follow mine too.

    Michelle Duarte fashion designer from Brazil.

  8. OOOOOH Love your shirt :)

  9. Definetely, you made me smile! adore your nice mood and how you express yourself in pictures. these photos are amazing!


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