May 23, 2011

Spotted Skirt + Red Lips

Guess what?  I'm on a real vacation this week.  My last trip to Toronto was just an extended long weekend.  And on a spur the moment thing, we decided to go to LAS VEGAS for 4 days!!  Originally we were planning 3 days in small towns an enjoying some nature hiking and Scandinavian spa time.  The weather wasn't looking so well (rain and thunder storms 4 days out of 5!), so we looked for places with warmer sun.

Now we're packing for Sin City!  We'll be spending a day in the Grand Canyon and getting our fill of nature before returning to the town of artifice.  LOL  Oh come on!  They have the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramid replicates!

And be prepared for pictures of these artificial wonders when I come back!  HAHA!

I originally didn't want to post these pictures because the lighting made my leg muscles look Herculean!  Not very feminine...  But it's the real me and, even though my tradition parents think otherwise, I love it!

Anyway, the purpose of the pictures are not to show off my calves, but to show my choice of adding reds here and there.
Guys, love yourself as you are!  Don't listen to the noise that people make.  ;)


Spotted skirt from Zara, Foxy tank top, vintage H&M sandals, jewelery from my fave fake bijou stores (H&M and F21).


  1. you looks amazing, love your style x

  2. OoO best outfit yet! Love the red lips! And look at your legs!!!!

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. Love Everything!! you look amazing!!

  4. love your outfit!



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