May 04, 2011

Purple Perfect

When I first started this blog, I wanted to keep it light and to stick to two main subjects: Fashion and food.  Out of fear that people from my entourage might read some too personal things, I have stayed within these two domains.  There were lots of times when I just wanted to pour my heart out on these pages, but I didn't [and still don't] want to publicize some parts of my personal life; I like my privacy. But today I'm going to open the door just a small sliver.

Crap is happening around me.  And today I came to this conclusion: I can choose to turn this bad situation into an opportunity.  It's giving me the motivation to do what I was too comfortably numb to do.  I can picture brighter skies in my future and I wish with all my heart to achieve it.  Ok, enough drama.

Blogging about fashion and food always put me on a good mood.

So onto my latest Fairy Godmother Trick:

Let's take this simple slouchy wool dress.  Love the colour btw!

And with a little accessory magic, we have a shape and style!

It'll be a rocky ride I'm certain, but I believe that I'll stand strong.  Will you show me your support?


Banana Republic wool dress and belt, Zara hot pink clutch, Simons yellow enamel cuff, F21 feather necklace, and Expressions sandals that I got in Toronto.


  1. well i hope wtvr is happening to you will turn out to be fabulous~~~

    and as for the outfit, its very stylish and chic, i luv the colour too, it adds sophistication to the whole ensemble

  2. Cute outfit, and might I add that your living room looks nice :)...

    sending positive vibes your way... keep your head up and move forward :)


  3. Totally agree! I stick to certain domains too! I'll never discuss about my work online. In the field that I'm in, I'm not supposed to talk about my job on a social networking platform.There's severe penalties if I breach the above mentioned. So I stick to 'safer' topics.

    I love the royal purple outfit. I notice your blog's wall is purple too<3


  4. Gorgeous dress. I hope that you stay strong and I wish you well.


  5. Aww Wynn! Hope everything is okay. Understandably you want to keep certain aspects of your life private but your readers are here for you!

    PS: It's helpful to stay positive and focus on the things that you need to do to get where you want. :O)

  6. Hi, your pictures are very beautiful. I love your blog very much, and it’s awesome! I’m Anita, just subscribed your blog then I can read your posts all the time…

    If you have time, please come to see my blog and talk…

  7. Awww...girl I want to give you a hug...through the internet...

    I was going through a crap time a month ago. Actually for the past "x" years but it DOES get better. Life moves in waves. And just always keep this in mind- that the journey's just getting started.

    xx K from THE CHEAP

  8. love your wool dress,you look so fabulous on it :D

  9. I love your dress!
    Great look :)

  10. Hi! lovely post :)
    nice blog!! i follow you now!
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  11. that dress is gorgeous!! you look beautiful :)

  12. Whatever it is that you are going through, I do hope you'll come out strong. I know you will, you have such positive vibes. As for the outfit, that is magic. I love the accessories and you made it look so glam. XX

  13. I loooove this outfit. The hot pink bag especially! With the bright bangle..And I know exactly what you mean about keeping personal stuff off the blog, I do the same!
    ..(following now, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page!..
    Thank youuu!


  14. Hi! I like the way you changed the total look of the sweater. It looks great on you!

  15. thanks for the comment on my blog :) your blog is great ! love your dress and that bag is such a gorgeous colour

  16. Hola Wynn encantada de conocer tu blog, tienes mucho estilo.
    I like your blog!!. Look at my blog and If you like it we can follow our blogs.
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  17. thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following!! im following your wonderful blog now too :)

  18. well... sometimes it's hard to keep your mind cold and follow the way you chose at first. I feel like I've had the same problems with the blog, specially when you suspect the direction is not the one you wanted, or the contents of your blog dont reflect the reality of your life. however, Ive came up to the conclusion that a blog for me is just a hobbie, is something that makes me feel good, something that lets me work on things I like and the rest of my life is out of it. so keep going


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