June 27, 2011

The Clueless Gardener

Actually, BF planted these cute green babies.  For the longest time, I killed every plant I ever tried to nurture.  Poor over-watered cactus...  And rest in peace, little fern.  I later switched to near-immortal plastic plants.

BF's mom is loves everything green and has transferred the love him.  And he is trying his best to transfer it to me.  In my defense, I love plants and I don't want them to suffer my brown thumb!  That's why I didn't try to keep plants anymore. Haha!

Miraculously, my white poinsettia at the office is still alive!  Last seen here.  I guess, even the most clumsy gardener can learn a few things.

I try to help out sometimes by watering.

The top is actually a pale peach-pink color, but the sun was really bright this morning!  Yay!

Any plant lovers out there?


Tulip chiffon top and linen skirt by Mexx, t-strap sandal vintage H&M, and Zara sunnies.


  1. I'm definitely not a gardener! hee hee.. Cute outfit!


  2. im not huge on the gardening but my mom is~~~~i thought the top is a cream colour~~~but i guess in the 2nd picture the pink shows up a little bit more~~~i luv the outfit btw~~~very pretty


  3. Haha, I used to have a cactus and some cute flowers in my room, but both died. I always forget to water them:p
    So I say plastic plants !



  4. plain, simple, beautiful.
    very nice flowers


  5. My bf is the same than yours, he owns a lot of plants and always talks about them (he doesnt want kids but he loves plants, funny), but I have always lived in flats or appartments and I dont have too much room to have plants, I'm concious about nature and all that, but when it's about takin care of plants at home, I only care about lettuce ;)


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