June 08, 2011

Fairy Godmother Trick

Here's something I haven't done in a while:  a fairy godmother trick!

I began taking before and after pix because I always thought that accessories played a significant role in an outfit.  With the right little details, you can go from plain to "Yeah!  That's what I'm talking about!"

Since my fashion blogging began in January, I've learned so much!  I've learned that to be a blogger, you need to be a model, a stylist, a photographer, a photo editor, a writer, and a webmaster all at once.

To all you fellow bloggers out there, I raise my glass to you.  You are amazing!

I like to call this my "Pebbles" top.  :)

I wear these 2 cuffs all the time!  They seem to go with everything!


 Pebbles top from H&M, accordion skirt from Urban Outfitters, pink suede shoes from Zara, yellow enamel cuff from Simons, and leather cuff from Zipia.


  1. i luv the cuff~~~and i luv the skirt~~~great outfit~~~btw with false eyelashes~~~i started with using the half type one, and with anything, practice makes perfect~~~~


  2. Cute skirt!

  3. Hey baby! I'm so sorry for having neglected your blog but I have a good reason: from now on my job will be studying (about 8 hours a day) and well, I have to be very serious with it and I spent practically most time on books, so I dont have too much time to update the blog and visiting others. however I'm doing a short break this morning, and I came to see what you show us. I'm glad to see you keep being so funny and original with your posts, and yes, I have to congratulate you for being such a good webmaster!!!

  4. Voguish, classy, ravishing!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  5. cute outfit on you! and yeah I've learned so much from blogging too, it's one of the best decisions Ive made to be on blogger :D

  6. Yay cute!!! And I too raise my glass to bloggers. It's a lot of work! It's the taking the photos part that always gets to me. Baaahhhh!

  7. I love plated skirts and yours is beautiful.

    Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Have you entered my Clinique give away?



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