June 15, 2011

Life is Short

It's true, life is short.  You got to make the most of it.  Laugh more and love without reservation.  Don't be mean and bitter for the little things. Cherish your family and friends and don't forget to let them know how much they matter to you.

My friend lost his father last week.  He was a cheerful and friendly man.  And I'm glad that is how he is remembered.

When my time comes, I'd like to be remembered as someone sweet with a great sense of humour [and style].  Haters will be remember for much more negative things, I believe.  And since I am stupidly affected by my anti-fan, I found that my dress code has gotten a bit [just a tiny bit] edgier.  Ugh!  I gotta stop letting her bother me!

The studded belt made me feel so much tougher!

Don't worry, my next post will be less grim and much, much happier!  I promise!


Heather pink top from Mexx, blue velvet pumps and red skirt from F21 [cost only $6!], belt from pants that I got at Zara.


  1. To live better and happier is the best way to get back at them (your anti-fan).
    BTW, check out my latest post on my hair and yummy food too.
    Smile and be happy.


  2. uhm,rest in peace . It's so bad to hear stuff like this.

    alexandra @

  3. what a terrible experience, my heartfelt condolences
    you're so right with what you say, that it is what you have to say to you and everyone for every day.
    I wish you a good and peaceful night


  4. Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Thank you so much for your comment.


  5. i luv the coral skirt~~~and i think the pumps made the outfit pop without being too dramatic~~~cuz its still colour blockin but with less drama~~~i like it~~~great outfit~~~


  6. I love the belt! I'm a huge fan of the bright colors too!

  7. my condolences

    love the shape of the heels and thanks so much for following! means a lot!

  8. my bestie's dad passed away yesterday, and I have had such a sad night... I totally agree with you (who wouldnt?), we have to make the most of life. you may believe in god or not, you may have moral rules or not,... but definetely, those who will remember are the true ones, the good ones.
    love your outfit, I admire the way you combine perfectly those colors I would never put together... you know, we all have limits... love it!

  9. I LOOVE this outfit gurrl. looks amazing :) popping skirt, a subtle loose top, and an edgy belt? fuckk its just how i like it.
    xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

  10. love this outfit and the color combination



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