June 21, 2011

Little Summer Dress

It's summer everyone!  And I'm wearing my little summer dress.  I got this last year at the Zara summer sale and I absolutely adored the bustier top.

Welcome to my terrace!  I'm lucky that my condo is on the top floor and get to enjoy a terrace with an open sky.  Look at all these cute flowers and tomato plants!  Soon the whole place will be bursting with color and fruit!  More pictures to come, as this has become my latest favorite place to be alone with my tripod.  :)

This dress will be in heavy rotation again this summer.  My secret to be chic and lazy during summer is wearing a dress.  Why fuss with matching the top with the bottom piece when a dress is a one-piece?  Add a few accessories and voila!  Effortless glamour!

What will you be wearing non-stop this summer?


Dress and shoes vintage Zara, hat from San Fran, and wood bangle from F21.


  1. I'll be wearing a lot of dresses and shorts this summer lol.

    Anyway I really like your fedora and that dress is really cute!!!

  2. You do look oh so very glam, I love your dress,; you rock it!

    So jealous that your condo is on the top floor! The fact that you have a roof terrance is amazing.



  3. i love your summer dress because not only does it have florals but it also has stripes - my 2 favorite prints. jealous you have a rooftop terrace! xx

  4. Lazy summer dressing is really the best!


  5. Wynn!!!! Hi beautiful, how are you??? I know it's been a lot since I came but you know... I remember the dress you're wearing! I couldnt find it in my size so i didnt even try it. it looks great on you. I love those things you wear non-stop in summer. personally I cant live without white tshirts, jeans and print pants. take care, xx

  6. Soo summery :) YAY!!!


  7. How cute this dress, very summery!

    Kiss Mich


  8. This dress is so awesome and you look awesome in it!!


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