July 16, 2011

Before and After Work

It's been a crazy week!  First I received a gift, which I have decided to spend on my first pair of non-cheapie sunnies.  Then I got a bout of food poisoning.  I stayed home and slept between pangs of pain.  I managed to make congee (rice porridge) and made a mess in the kitchen.  It's amazing how much congee one cup of rice can make!  It gives 5-6 times more volume than with regular rice!  It started to overflow from the rice cooker, and hence the kitchen mess.  :P

I was going to post these pictures earlier this week, but you know...  food poisoning, kitchen mess...  Anyway! Here they are!

The indoor pix are taken by me and trusty tripod, before leaving for work.   Then BF wanted to be sweet and insisted on taking pictures of me after work.  The outdoor one are BF's work.  Thanks, Babycakes!

I'm off!  Have a great weekend!


Purple linen top by Danier, heart-print accordion skirt and blue satin heels by Zara.


  1. lovely outfit! Love the skirt and that purple top so much, great combination :)

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  2. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! :D
    Cute skirt :)
    Love Lois xxx


  3. I love the heart black and white skirt you have here! Your place is lovely, and soo comfy looking! - Mar


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