July 03, 2011

Long Weekend

I hope everyone's having a great long weekend!  Originally I had nothing planned and decided to go stuff as we went along.

To kick off the Canada Day long weekend,  I saw X-Men: First Class right after I was freed from the office Thursday afternoon.  I loved movie!  I was a comic book geek a long time ago and knew all the characters and stories behind each one.  I squealed with delight as my favorite bad guy, Magneto, kicked everyone's asses. 

Friday, I went for some nature therapy and hiked some 9km [5.6 mi] on a mountain.

Tonight I saw Canadian vocal sensation, Nikki Yanofsky, at the Montreal Jazz Fest.  [Also a last minute decision.]  What impresses me about this girl is that she caught everyone's attention when she was 12 years old, this same festival 5 years ago.  Her voice is so clear and so brilliant that I can't help but be happy when I listen to her.  And guess what?  She's even better in person than on recording.  She completely blew me away with her talent.  Love her!

I know.  I'm not talking clothes today.  But I've been a slow blogger lately and feel the need to tell you some bits about my personal life.  It's not just about clothes.  ;)

Tomorrow, I have American cousins visiting.  I love these guys!  In 3 weeks, we're to meet up with them on Long Island for some vacation at their family beach house.  It's going to be awesome!!

How's your weekend going?


Fuchsia top from Zara, F21 skirt, AE necklace, bangles and cuff from F21 and Simons, Aztec earring from the Grand Canyon, Killah leopard heels, and Kenneth Cole bag.


  1. Good morning babes!!! (good morning here, probably I should say good night or something) I see that you're talking about Nikki, I love her!!!! a friend of mine show me her videos on youtube, when she was just a girl, and I was blown away, she's so sweet and has a great voice and great taste in singing. about the outfit, I love the yellow detail of the bracelet above the darker colors of your clothes, you have such taste in combining colors!

  2. Beautiful!!, Love the colors and the pics are fab!!!

  3. Thanks Wynn, that made me laugh:)

  4. cute outfit I love the color of the shirt ... thanks x comment on my blog


  5. Lovely outfit! You look fabulous indeed!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.


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