July 11, 2011

Time to Upgrade?

I'm positively ecstatic today!  I've received a very generous gift and I get to go shopping!  You see these aviators in the picture below?  They're my favorite.  I wore these non-stop for 2 years.   And now they're scratched.  I'm so sads.  Do cheapie sunnies also have cheapie lenses that deteriorate after 2 years?  Don't answer that.  It's too obvious!

Very wise BF once said, "It's almost never worth it to go cheap."

And soooo, with my generous gift, I have decided to be the owner of a pair of Ray-Bans.  Let the shopping begin!

Yes, this is the same t-shirt as 2 posts ago.  I love it!  I have a feeling it'll have a similar fate as my sunglasses...  Too much love = too much use

Speaking of shopping, I've been keeping my eyes on the Zara sale.  Being a bargain queen, I patiently waited for the sale to drop their prices a second time before pouncing of the 2 pieces I've been drooling over.  Have you guys bought anything?


Fuchsia linen T and sandals from Zara, floral skirt and specs necklace from F21, AA clutch, scratched up American Eagle aviators, and H&M dangling earrings.


  1. can't wait to see what kind of sunnies are you going to buy. happy shopping! Wohoooo!!!

  2. hey hey, sweet post, did you have a nice shopping day?


  3. Hey beautiful! how are you doing? you look fab as always in this flower skirt, but I would definitely take that clutch for me, I love American Apparel. However, congratulations on your gift, since I'm saving every cent for my holidays I can't spend on clothing. And for the sales,... i love Zara but the problem in Spain is that everybody goes to Zara, so whatever you want, you should take it soon or it will disappear, that's why the Zara sales are never worth the wait... hope you are luckier than me

  4. I love that floral skirt! is so cute! You look great with the aviators.

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries


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