August 12, 2011

Flowers And Polka Dots

So here I was, really proud of myself last Saturday.  I managed to post 3 times in a week!  I'm getting better at this!  Such discipline!

And so here I am, kicking myself for my false pride.  I haven't posted anything for a week!  I have valid reasons:
  1. Celebrated BF's bday twice.  Once just the 2 of us in a romantic restaurant and a 2nd time with family in a not-so-romantic restaurant.
  2. I went on a date with my BFF and we saw Midnight in Paris.  (Lovely and utterly charming film!  No WTF moments like in the last Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, if that's what you're looking for.)  
  3. I also shopped and bought a new mattress.  Now all I need is a bed.  Seeing that it took me 2 days to decide on the comfy-ness, it might take me a week to decide on the aesthetic of a bed.  More shopping!
  4. I managed to do 2 torture workout sessions, which includes 20 minutes of cardio and 35 mins of weights.  Pure torture, I tell you! 
  5. Still shopping for the perfect cat and the perfect cat breeder.  I've narrowed my choices to a Siberian cat or a Chartreux.  I might be able to visit the Chartreux breeder this week to see if I get an allergic reaction to the cute balls of fur.
Yeah, I've been busy.

Here are more outfit picture from my backlog.  These were taken in Quebec city on a unseasonably hot summer day.

"Anything to be admitted into the aquarium"  Cat in disguise!
I'm going hiking tomorrow.  I'll try to snap a couple of pictures with my iPhone when I'm on top of the mountain.  I don't wanna carry my SLR!  Have a great weekend!


Polka dot dress from H&M, clogs from Ugg, Deux Lux pouch, and Urban Behavior jean skirt.


  1. i love love your blog!!!

    defiantly following you.

    follow me if you want?

  2. Wynn, I've been in your blog for almost 2 hours (from work :p)! I can't get my eyes off your blog. Your pictures, cloths, accessories,especially your shoes are so pretty!
    Very nice blog!
    I'll see you soon!


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