August 19, 2011

My Fave Skirt: Aztec-Print

I must have taken at least 3 sets of pictures wearing this skirt but never posted them.  Probably due to poor lighting conditions (too lazy to level  in Photoshop), recycled top (worn at least twice in posts), and weird poses (not for the public eye).  And now, I can finally show you this cute, cute skirt that is my life saver on mornings that I don't know what to wear.  Plus, I got it for $10.  :)

Doing my best jetset snob pose.  "Is my yacht ready?"

Actually I do travel daily in a expensive vehicle: the bus.  LOLLLL
Have a great Friday, guys!!


Earrings and Aztec skirt from F21, H&M blazer and white leatherette cuff, Gap tangerine tank top, Guess gold sandals, Kenneth Cole fringe bag (aka my Puppy), and Simons yellow enamel cuff.


  1. Love your skirt :) I take the bus too, it's nice to have a driver isn't it?

  2. :D funny. You look beautiful in this outfit

  3. ahhh im obsessed obsesses obsessed with that skirt! i'm so bored of the plain black mini, i've been looking for something kind of aztec inspired as well. fingers crossed i find it soon :)
    great blazer too btw. i love how you've been dressed lately!
    ugh i've been forgetting about my blog for so long, but finally back for good i hope hehe


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