August 16, 2011

Work & Play

Yes, I wore this to work.

Obviously I wore something to cover my shoulders.  ;)  Wouldn't want to be sent home for being improperly attired.

I think it makes a perfect outfit for work and happy hour.   Simply remove the cardi and voila!  You're ready for fun and drinks!

Here I am, pretending to be a model walking down the runway.

I have come to realize that keeping a blog is good for my ego, similarly how Facebook is good for self-esteem as reported by a medical journal.  Does keeping a blog make you happy?  It does for me!  Thanks for stopping by guys!  Kisses to each and every one of you!


Strapless dress from AE, Locale striped wedges, various cute jewelries from F21.


  1. Yeah, like you, keeping a blog makes me really happy as well. Your outfit is so cute, love your necklace.

  2. Hey beautiful!!! actually I think your dress without the cardigan is also appropiate for work, it depends on your job, obviously, but I find it really cool yet elegant. it fits your body perfectly, but yes, with the cardigan works perfectly too.
    and yeah, I love blogging, its good for my ego, but not in the narcisist sense, I love it because doing what I like makes me work harder and when I see the results, I am happy with myself. xx

  3. Work it girl! hehe. You look HOT! And yes, blogging has allowed me to meet so many awesome, creative and beautiful people (YOU INLUCDED!)

    Hope you're doing well!!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. Going through your posts and loving all your outfits.



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