September 10, 2011

Baby Blue

Don't you just love days when the sky is so blue, it's almost fake? Today was one of those days.

I just had a wonderful dim sum brunch with a couple friend who had a baby in the summer.  It was the first time I saw their little bundle of joy, and he was just too adorable!  Made me want to squeeze him and not let go!

And in these times of baby boom, I'd like to congratulate my bestie Nad on her second child, born 2 days ago.  He's really tiny and beautiful.  And unlike the other one, he was so delicate I was afraid to squish him!

So when am I having a baby?  In November, I'll be receiving my baby kitty!  I need to cat-proof my condo!  Who knows what kind of trouble s/he can get into!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


H&M kimono top, Danier purple linen top, Gap shorts, and BCBG (Mui Mui copies) shoes.


  1. Love your shoes!!

  2. love those shoes!!! I love those days when the sky is so blue.. and lunch with friends is always great. I can't wait to see your kitten..

  3. AMAZING CLUTH !!! Great outfit

    Peace n' Kisses from France


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