September 29, 2011


So summer's officially over.  It's raining pouring outside, I just got home from my accounting class, and I should be getting ready for bed, but I decided to blog instead.  Jeez, I need some fun in my life!  The upside is tomorrow's Friday!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but I'm going to Hong Kong in 16 days!  I'll be gone for 2 weeks to a place where October weather is similar to Montreal's summer weather.  That means I don't need to retired my faves [like the outfit below] until...  You know what?  Why should I store them away?  I think I should keep my boring [monochromatic blacks and grays] cold weather wardrobe in storage...  This outfit can still work if I add tights, knee-high boots, and a jacket!

I love every piece I'm wearing here.  I think I wore that skirt almost once a week!  And those Jeffrey Campbell wedges!  Not too tall and not too flat.  Genius!

I got this bracelet dirt cheap at F21, and this gay salesdude thought it was one of those fancy shmancy designer things!

This is my Puppy.  It's too complicated to explain why I named it that...  I should make a video...  Coming soon!

Night night everyone!

Zara pink linen t-shirt, F21 Aztec skirt and bracelet, Kenneth Cole fringe bag, and JC wedges.

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