September 06, 2011

In a Dash

I've been so busy, it's crazy! And this week is no better.  School started and it's less daunting that I imagined it to be.  Having finished my bachelor's degree ages ago, going back to do grad was pretty scary.

I'm an impulsive person, and sometimes it gets me (my credit card) in trouble.  In the case of school, the idea hatched about 1-2 months ago.  A few emails with the registrar's office later, I'm now sitting in classroom every Thursday evening and getting smarter.  How's that for impulsive?

Flash and rash decision-making!  It's so fast, I'm blurry!  Haha!
On the fashion front, do you tend to wear bright or dark colors when it's cloudy?  I like to boycott the clouds with anything that can enable someone to spot me 1km away!


Black jacket vintage, F21 white top and necklace, Zara red pants and sandals, and RayBan sunnies.


  1. Hey Wynn! So, we've got the same Zara red pants!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - follow each other?

  2. Great outfit! I love bright pink or red pants with black and white! When it is cloudy I sometimes wear bright clothes, but it just depends on my mood :)

    xoxo Denise


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