September 22, 2011

White Stripes

I love the cheapy skirts they sell at F21!  I think I have 5 now and they've become my staples.  At less than $10 each, who can resist them?

See them here, here, and here.  I have one more left to show.

I made this chain bracelet from left over material after "renovating" a tote bag.  My first DIY!  If you like DIY, hop on my Wobisobi.  She's a genius at crafts!

I'm off to class now.  It's so much more fun than going to the office.  I kid you not!


Vintage jacket from Costa Blanca (I've had this for 7 years!), Zara blue T and fuchsia clutch, F21 striped skirt and pouch necklace, BCBG sandals, and RayBan Wayfarers.

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  1. LOVE that bracelet!!! It is Genius!!!!!
    Many thanks, and many Hugs,


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