September 15, 2011

Yellow Flowers On My Shoulder

Loving red lips, but the color tend to bleed into the fine lines around my lips.  Anyone got any tips on how to stop that?
Wide leg trousers add a certain flair, don't you think?  Not to mention comfort!

I bought this yellow blouse at the Zara summer sale without trying it on first. Do you do that sometimes? Or do you absolutely have to try it on before buying? Being an advocate (seriously addicted) online shopper, I sometimes take a leap of faith and say, "Que sera sera!"

Thankfully,  this yellow piece fits great and is absolutely gorgeous!

On a side note, I wondered about how we tend to be so much more critical about ourselves than our friends and family will ever be.  My bestie had a baby last week and I took some pictures of the mommy and son at the hospital.  She asked me to remove one of the pictures from my Facebook because we could see her naked (makeup-less) face. Having known her for over 10 years and have had countless sleepovers, I couldn't see any of the flaws she was embarrassed about.  Of course, I did as she requested, but I couldn't see what was wrong with the picture.  All I saw was my beautiful friend holding her beautiful baby boy.

Maybe that's what love is.  You see past the surface.

I hope one day to be able to see myself the way that my loved ones see me.  Maybe I wouldn't be deleting so many pictures!

Tomorrow's Friday!  Happy!!!!


Yellow blouse and wide leg trousers from Zara, Michael Kors tote bag, BCBG sandals, and YSL red lipstick.


  1. I love the top, it gorgeous!
    When are you coming to Hong Kong? For nightlife (drinks and dinner) LKF Central is a must, the typical tourist places like Ocean Park, Disneyland, The Peak (best to go there around 5-6 coz the view is amazing at night.

    Have fun in HK!

  2. Gorgeous hunny! Love the yellow and red lips!

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. very beautiful I like this outfit very much
    I wish you a sunny week sweety

  4. Great look honey. I love your yellow top, it looks perfect with these flare pants. Awesome

    Thanks for your nice comment

  5. that yellow top is gorgeous on you! love the red lipstick as well! xx

  6. cute outfit really love that top! thanks for the comment!

  7. lovely top! totally diggin the wide legs with the super duper platforms.
    And yes I too am guilty of buying without trying things on beforehand, which is then followed by me returning it to the store or shipping it back, SO no more rush-purchases for me -_-
    Might I suggest a matte lip liner to help keep the red from running? The mini Sephora liner fares quite nicely and if you're willing to splurge, then I suggest Nars.

  8. i love the top, and how the necklace makes it look so classy!


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